Pricing Philosophy

At TruSteam our foremost goal is to provide a top-quality cleaning each and every time. Our services are designed to allow you to easily customize and select options that best fit your needs. We are committed to being honest and upfront about our pricing, and in pricing our services in a way that is designed to provide you with the best possible value. We are not a company who does “bait and switch” pricing. We give guaranteed quotes over the phone. We also don’t believe in high pressure sales. We seek to give customers good information and trust them to make the decisions which are best for them.

Through efficiencies we achieve in our process, we are able to offer our word class services at very competitive rates. When we save money through various efficiencies, we believe these savings should be shared with you, thereby creating a win-win. For example, when we have our equipment set up to perform a service, it can be a win-win to clean additional items such as cars, furniture, and rugs–with us those additional services are increasingly discounted. It wouldn’t be right for us to make an unreasonable margin on any of our services as that wouldn’t be a good value for you.

Price vs. Value

To us, “value” is where top quality and competitively priced services meet. Most people understand that it’s impossible to receive the world’s best cleaning at the world’s cheapest price. Our niche in the market is to offer superior cleaning at a cost below those who are offering “the next best thing”. We’ve found our pricing to be as much as half that of other companies offering services which are not as robust as ours–this reaffirms to us the tremendous value of our services!

Pricing Specifics

While our service options are simple and straight forward, putting all of our pricing in a written format so that any potential customer can surely and clearly understand it would be difficult. This is due to the number of discounts and specials we offer as well as how we’ve customized our pricing in a way that helps ensure that people only pay for what they need and they get what they pay for. Below is a summary of some of our key pricing to help you see the value we offer.

  • Steam cleaning is priced between $22-$45.00/area for new customers. The price varies within that range based on what level of cleaning is chosen and which volume discounts apply.
  • Sofa cleaning costs as little as $60.50, with a lazyboy-arm chair as low as $33.00. We specialize in upholstery cleaning!
  • Pet odor treatments are priced as low as $5/area and we offer an extremely effective Pet Odor/Spotting service starting at $45 that can treat spots all over your house for that one low price.

We are eager to discuss service specifics and associated costs with potential customers. Give us a call or send an email and we’ll be happy to listen to your needs and give you a guaranteed quote. You won’t be disappointed.

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Services starting at $119. See our Discounts and Special Offers to find even more savings.

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