Cleaning Services

Cleaning Designed Around You

  • Carpet

    TruSteam’s cleaning packages are designed to allow you to select the level of cleaning that meets your needs, and can even be customized for each area of your home. Our world-class TruRestore carpet cleaning process is the backbone of our service portfolio–most customers choose this service because it is unmatched in terms of quality and value. All of our cleaning packages meet the most rigorous industry standards, ensuring that your floors are clean and healthy, regardless of the package chosen. Call us today for a guaranteed, no-hassle price quote over the phone!

  • Upholstery

    Do you have dining room chairs you want cleaned, or maybe your sofa and loveseat? We clean it all, whether it is synthetic, natural fiber, or even leather. Give us a chance to clean your upholstery leaving it clean and healthy—you won’t be disappointed. Our upholstery cleaning is already competitively priced, and we also offer volume discounts, so getting your upholstery cleaned will probably cost less than you think.

  • Vehicles

    The same world class techniques and equipment we use to clean your carpet is also used for giving your car, truck, or RV a restorative cleaning. The cleaning we offer is far superior to what you’ll find at almost any auto detailing location, and our prices are usually more affordable. We also clean, condition, and protect leather in vehicles. So why wait? Request a steam cleaning for your car while we are cleaning your carpets and see how the power of our process can make your vehicles, carpet, and upholstery clean and healthy too.

  • Pet Odor/Stain Treatments
    Customized & Economical Solutions

    Do you love your pets, yet hate the accidents they sometimes cause? We specialize in pet treatments. Our standard carpet cleaning process will eliminate most pet odor caused by a pets regular contact with the carpet; however, pet odor and stains causes by urine require specialized treatments to resolve. Because pet odor/stain problems are greatly varied—from small, one-time accidents that are localized, to repeat offenses sometimes spanning a large area—TruSteam offers customized treatment options designed to be the most effective and still a great value. Many of our customers who sing our praise the most are those with pets—we regularly hear how we solved a pet problem better and cheaper than “the other guy”. Give us a try–you’ll be glad you did!


    For many pet issues, our powerful Pet Spotting service is just the thing.  It’s always our first approach for stains as it is the most effective and economical; it also is very effective against odors as it is a powerful oxidizer that penetrates deeply and helps to dissolve organic matter which is the cause of the pet odor. This spotter is mixed up hot and fresh and allowed to dwell for at least 30-45 minutes before being extracted out.


    For deeply embedded odor issues, and for those over large areas, an enzyme based cleaner is sometimes most effective as well as cost effective.  Enzyme treatments generally require longer dwell times (a few days) as the enzyme digestion process is slower.

    Odor Neutralizers

    Odor neutralizers can be very effective when used correctly. Odor neutralizers vary greatly–some are designed to cover up smells while others actually neutralize the smell. We’ve tested almost all of them and we only use the best. Because these products are not designed to break down the odor source, but rather to neutralize the odor itself, we generally only use these products by themselves for minor odor problems. These products are very effective when used in conjunction with other pet treatments to ensure the fullest remediation possible.

    Extreme Cases

    Since the cause and extent of pet odor can vary greatly,  it is impossible to know the full extent of pet odor damage and to guarantee the results of any of the above treatments. For most pet odor problems, one application of one of the above treatments will eliminate the pet odor. In some instances, multiple treatments or layering of treatments (e.g., enzyme treatment followed by an odor neutralizer) may be necessary for full remediation. In extreme cases, where pet odors have penetrated subfloors or other porous material, an odor issue may not be fully resolved without more involved restorative procedures; e.g., replacement of padding, sealing or replacing subfloor, etc.

  • Protector

    Applying a quality protector to the carpet after it has been cleaned can be a powerful step to ensure your carpets stay clean and healthy longer. The carpet protector forms a seal around the carpet fiber which dramatically reduces the ability of dirt and oils to attach themselves to the fibers, allowing for more effective vacuuming, spot removal, and subsequent steam cleanings. The carpet protector is 100% safe, and is not detectible by sight, smell, our touch, and is guaranteed to be effective at keeping your carpets looking good longer.

  • Advanced Spotting

    Most spots and many stains are completely removed through our signature TruRestore cleaning service. Occasionally we encounter stains which are set in the carpet and require advanced spotting techniques to be removed. The time to remove these stains can be considerable, and varies with the size and extent of the stain, as well as the methods needed to remove it. If we encounter stains requiring advanced spotting, we’ll provide a quote for that service and discuss expected outcome. Based on that information you can decide if you’d like us to proceed.

  • Maintenance Packages
    Proper Maintenance Now Saves Money in the Long Run

    Let us help you keep your carpet in top shape. It will look better, feel better, be healthier, and in the long run, will actually cost less! Carpet is one of the most expensive investments in a home. When carpet cleaning is  put off, the soiling in the carpet has an abrasive effect which causes irreversable damage to the carpet fibers. Keeping carpet cleaned, similarly to how we keep oil changed in our cars, dramatically extends the life of the carpet. The cost to keep carpet maintained is easily paid for in the long run by the savings of not needing to replace carpet nearly as soon, and that’s not to mention the improved indoor environmental health and contentment derived from having clean carpet.

    Visual Soiling Isn’t an Adequate Indicator

    Many people don’t get their carpet cleaned frequently enough because remembering when it was last cleaned, and determining when it need cleaned next, is not the foremost thing our their mind. If you didn’t have the oil change sticker in your car window or have an on-board computer telling you when to change it, would you get your oil changed often enough?Also, just like cars that need an oil change, carpet doesn’t need to show visible signs of soiling before it is due for the next cleaning. Carpets are generally quite dirty before soiling is visible–the truth is, by the time carpet shows visible soiling, the time for cleaning it is past due.

    Advanced Scheduling and No-Hassle Reminders

    We’re your carpets best friend–carpet should be cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain carpet’s integrity and indoor environmental health. With that in mind, we will contact you annually with a hassle-free reminder to schedule your next cleaning, thus removing from you the trouble of needing to remember when you are due for your next cleaning. Part of that reminder will be to notify you of the return-customer discount and any other promotions you qualify for.