Quick Drying

Our Dry Times Can’t Be Beat

The number one complaint from people receiving steam cleaning services (from “the other guy”) is how long it takes for the carpets to dry. Some companies seek to get around this by offering dry cleaning services, something which is not recommended by carpet manufactures nor by us. Others seek to overcome this by doing a more superficial cleaning. Still, some ignore this problem altogether and combine poor equipment and/or process to leave carpet soaking wet.

Our dry times are second to none and we don’t compromise with the quality of our process to achieve this. We start off with very high quality equipment, which is well maintained. This ensures hot water and powerful suction, key ingredients to fast dry times. We then primarily use a pre-spray & extract process which decreases moisture needed for a 100% thorough cleaning. This is because the pre-spray and dwell time, followed by a top-of-the-line agitation step, deliver unsurpassed cleaning power. Companies who don’t use those steps need to rely on excessive wet passes with their equipment to try to get the same result; and yet with their increases wet passes, they’re still not able to get the same cleaning results as our process delivers.

We also carry advanced air movers with us; these can dry a carpet in as little as 30 minutes. After cleaning an area we place an air mover in it as we move on to the next area. We then leap frog these air movers behind us as we clean so that by the time we’re done, many of the areas cleaned have had these accelerated air movers on them. It’s not uncommon to have four of eight areas almost entirely dry before we even leave.

Doing Your Part

After we’ve done our part, here are some additional steps you can take to further speed drying.

  1. In the winter, run your heater with your windows cracked open. The heater will help to circulate and remove moisture from the air. Having the windows open will also help to remove moisture from the air and avoid a steamy greenhouse effect. Remember, once humidity has reached 100% in an area, no more moisture can evaporate from the carpet.
  2. In summer, you can run your AC which will also help remove moisture and circulate air.
  3. At any time of year, run ceiling fans if you have them.

It’s About More Than Just Convenience

It’s important to dry carpets as soon as possible after they’ve been cleaned. In addition to being a slip hazard, wet carpet can also result in rapid re-soiling if walked on with shoes or bare feet. Heavy traffic on wet pad can cause irreversible damage to the pad. Also, walking on wet floor after carpet protector has been applied can remove some of the carpet protector before it’s been able to fully seal to the carpet fibers.