Why TruSteam?


Carpet Cleaning Done Right

Hot Water Extraction, a.k.a “Steam Cleaning”, is the carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and industry organizations for high quality cleaning. It is the only method designed to restore carpets to a like new condition. Other cleaning methods, though they sometimes have their place, are not equal to the hot water extraction method. Some cleaning methods will actually void a carpet’s warranty.

For hot water extraction to be most effective, a number of specific steps should be followed, all of which have been scientifically proven. These steps include pre-vacuuming, pre-spray, agitation of carpet fibers, and dwell time for cleaning agents. Quality equipment should also be used as it contributes to proper heat and suction, both of which are key ingredients in making sure cleaning water is adequately hot, that harmful contaminates are fully removed, and that carpets dry as soon as possible.

Not All Steam Cleaning is Created Equal

Unfortunately, a large number of carpet cleaners out there have inferior cleaning processes or use equipment that is not able to deliver true quality. Most cleaners don’t even offer some of the most critical process components,  steps proven to deliver a superior cleaning result.

Paying for a poor quality cleaning is sometimes worse than getting no cleaning at all. An inferior cleaning can leave behind excessive water, chemical residues, and other contaminates. This results in less healthy floors which are prone to quicker re-soiling and creates an environment more hospitable to allergy-causing dust mites. A quality cleaning creates a healthier environment, helps carpets to dry quickly, and ensures that your carpet stays cleaner longer.

The TruSteam Difference

TruSteam delivers value by providing top-quality cleaning services at competitive prices. We know that quality floor care promotes indoor environmental health, improves enjoyment by improving comfort and appearance, and protects valuable flooring investments. We deliver our high quality floor care through best-in-class processes, equipment, and employees—we never sacrifice quality.

We are committed to making floor maintenance user-friendly. We pride ourselves in being your expert floor care consultant. We don’t try to “hard sell” our services—we know that if we provide customers with good information and high-quality options, they will make decisions which are right for them. You can trust us to keep our word and do what we say we will do. We invite you to put our guarantee to the test.

The Process Difference

TruSteam is committed to high-quality floor care. TruSteam employees adhere to a standardized cleaning process that is aligned with the most stringent best practices, including recommendations from industry experts, major carpet manufacturers, and indoor air quality specialists. Adhering to these standards ensures that our customers receive a high-quality cleaning each and every time. It’s common in this industry for many critical steps to not even be offered as part of the cleaning service since each of these steps takes added time and equipment. At TruSteam we know that skipping these critical steps significantly decreases the effectiveness of the cleaning process, and so we are uncompromising in our commitment to offer high quality cleaning processes no matter what.  TruSteam is also committed to the continuous improvement of all of our processes—we believe that good is never good enough and know that there are always opportunities to enhance processes to achieve even better results.

The Employee Difference

A process is only as good as the person performing it. The TruSteam team is comprised of top notch individuals. You can be confident that our cleaning technicians will consistently perform the quality TruSteam process each and every time, and that they will be reliable and trustworthy, in your home and around your valuable possessions.

Since inception, the majority of TruSteam’s technicians have been college graduates or students. TruSteam technicians are not paid a commission, as is common in this industry. We find that commission pay encourages a “get in and out as quick as possible” mentality which maximizes pay to technicians, and minimizes quality to customers. We compensate our technicians primarily “by the hour”, with additional profit sharing built in–we find that this helps technicians to have a disposition to focus on quality, and not on “get in and out quick”. All of these factors help to ensure top notch technicians who are committed to quality.

The Equipment Difference

Great equipment isn’t the only component to an exceptional cleaning, but it certainly is one of the most important. Industry experts agree that truck mounted machines provide the pinnacle of cleaning performance, and should be used for hot water extraction cleaning whenever possible. At TruSteam, our primary method of cleaning is with a truck mounted machine that is Gold-Level certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. It is truly one of the leading pieces of carpet cleaning equipment that money can buy.

Here are a few of the key features that make our cleaning machines so effective:

  • Over 212° Steam

    Hot water is essential for effective cleaning as it is most effective at breaking down and rinsing out contaminates. It also kills dust mites and other harmful microorganisms and is a key ingredient in helping the carpet to dry quickly.

  • Powerful Suction

    Powerful suction is a key component of premium steam cleaning. The suction needs to be powerful enough to penetrate deep into dense carpet fibers to extract out cleaning agents, contaminates, and water from the carpet. Anything less than very powerful just isn’t adequate.

  • Adjustable Water Pressure

    Whether we are cleaning furniture, carpet, delicate rugs, or hard floors such as tile, the water pressure needed for proper cleaning varies. It’s important to have a machine that has a very broad range of water pressures available to be able to conform to the needs to the surface being cleaned.

  • Quiet Operation

    While it’s not necessary to have a quiet machine to clean effectively, and in fact those two attributes are generally conversely related, the truck mount machines we use are remarkably quieter than other similarly powerful machines. The reason for this is that our machines are powered by the drivetrain of our vans, so the only noise they produce is the noise of a van running at a high idle. Other machines have on-board motors that are very loud and require the van doors to be opened while in use, resulting in a much noisier cleaning process.