Protecting Investment

Proper Maintenance is Cost Effective

Carpet and furniture are some of the most expensive investments in your home; ironically, they are also some of the investments most easy to maintain. Carpet that isn’t cleaned regularly can develop wear areas that aren’t able to be fully restored. This is because microscopic dirt in a carpet can be abrasive to a carpet fiber’s surface, leading to a dulling of the actual carpet fibers. This is a physical alteration to the carpet fiber that cannot be undone.

Just as periodic oil changes are essential to ensure that your car runs well for a long time, high-quality periodic carpet and furniture cleaning helps to ensure that you get the full useful life out of those investments.

How Long Should Carpet Last

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggest that well cared for carpet in a residential environment should last in good condition for at least 10-15 years. We regularly see quality carpet that’s in great shape even after 20+ years. Even in tough economic times, when discretionary spending naturally decreases, spending on basic carpet care shouldn’t be eliminated. Remember, with the right process and equipment, even extremely soiled carpets can be restored, and it’s usually 10-20X more economical to have a carpet cleaned well than to replace it.