Enhancing Appearance


Fact vs Fiction

Everyone wants carpet that looks and smells clean and new. One key to achieving this is to have carpets cleaned before they appear worn or dirty. Some people think that if doesn’t appear dirty, it doesn’t need to be cleaned. Most of us don’t wait to get our teeth cleaned at the dentist until they look noticeably dirty, or wait to get our oil changed until our vehicle’s performance suffers.

On a daily basis your carpet is gradually getting dirtier as it’s inundated with all sorts of contaminates such as oils from skin, dead skin cells, pet dander, dust mites and their excrement, pet urine, soot from many sources (candles, lamps, fireplaces, etc), outside pollutants and chemicals tracked in on our feet, misc spills, etc. Often times you won’t even notice the incremental change in your carpets appearance because it is gradual and it is happening to all of your carpet at the same time.

If you wait to get your carpets cleaned until you see noticeable soiling, you’ve been living on dirty carpets for a long time. Leading industry groups and carpet manufactures recommend getting a quality steam cleaning at least every 12-18 months or sooner if needed.