The TruSteam Difference


Don’t Settle for Second Best

Not all “steam cleaning” is created equal. Many companies use inferior processes or equipment, and some even have employees who fail to follow the cleaning procedures they’re trained to perform.

Paying for a second rate cleaning can be worse than getting no cleaning at all. An inferior cleaning can leave behind excessive water, chemical residues, and other contaminates. This results in less healthy floors which are prone to quicker re-soiling and creates an environment more hospitable to allergy causing dust mites.

The TruSteam Difference

TruSteam specializes in hot water extraction, a.k.a “steam cleaning—this method is almost universally recommended for quality carpet and upholstery cleaning. Not only do we offer the best cleaning methods, we do it at competitive prices because of the efficiencies we create in partnering with customers.


We know that choosing a service provider can be a tough decision. It can be difficult to find someone who you can trust in your home or business, who also offers outstanding service at a fair price. We’re so confident you will be pleased with our services, that we offer a three-part guarantee. Give us a try and discover the TruSteam Difference—you’ll be glad you did.