Get Your Carpets Cleaned Right!

Click Above. TruSteam’s founder demonstrates some of the steps in TruSteam’s deepest cleaning process, of four offered cleaning levels. “Steam Cleaning”, is the carpet cleaning method most recommended…

Enhancing Appearance

Everyone wants carpet that looks and smells clean and new. One key to achieving this is to have carpets cleaned before they appear worn or dirty. Some people think that if doesn’t appear dirty, it doesn’t need cleaned…

Protecting Investment

Carpet and furniture are some of the most expensive investments in your home; ironically, they are also some of the investments most easy to maintain. Carpet that isn’t cleaned regularly can develop wear areas that aren’t able to be…


By far the best carpet cleaning company in Columbus. I have tried them all. The attention to detail and the time they spent explaining their process was great. Their process is second to none. The carpets and sofa feel and look brand new. Well worth the price!!!–Kurt K., Westerville

Twice I've had these guys clean the carpets in our house. They are ridiculously good. You won't see a crew work harder or more conscientiously. We've had every kind of misadventure in our home. Spilled milk, puppies, dirty shoes, and food to name a few. TruSteam beat them all and our carpet looks great. I will say they are not the cheapest firm in town - for good reason. You pay for what you get and TruSteam delivers unbelievable for what you pay. Use TruSteam.–Lee C., Lewis Center

TruSteam did an amazing job cleaning our carpets. They were so professional from the time they walked in the door. I am so impressed with how great our carpets look. We will never use anyone else again.–Jodi B., Lewis Center

We needed our carpets cleaned on very short notice (ie, 7am the next morning), and TruSteam did an amazing job... They were incredibly professional, friendly, flexible, and went above and beyond to help us out with our situation. I'd definitely call them again anytime we need carpet cleaning service!–Kurt M., Westerville

Amazing Service by Dan and Levi, Very Professional and trustworthy. I would trust these guys in my house even if I wasn't here.. and that's very important in the Cleaning business. Thanks TruSteam for a Job Well Done !!–Sean D., Westerville

My wife, Danielle, and I want to thank Abraham and Cam, two "crack members" of your rug-cleaning team, for doing such an excellent and professional job cleaning our rugs this past week. Not only were they exceedingly thorough in their cleaning efforts, but also careful and meticulous during the entire process. Little things like covering the corners of the walls to keep them from being scraped, to putting cloth over the opening of the front door to keep the cold out and the very careful way they put everything back in their original places. We have had other companies clean our rugs in the past. Never have we experienced such satisfaction and professionalism as demonstrated by Abraham and Cam. In the future, TruSteam will continue to be our ONLY rug-cleaning company. It will give us great pleasure to recommend TruSteam to our friends and neighbours. Bravo! !!–Kurt & Danielle, Delaware